Chrome OS is Getting Talked About

If you haven’t heard yet Google is announcing a new Operating System centered around their Chrome Web browser. They officially announced it July 7th. Some are unsure what to think, while others are concerned. Some know it will succeed, while others know it will fail. What does this mean for android Google’s other operating system? This new development from Google is certainly causing a huge buzz regardless of what it means for everyone else.
One thing I am certain of is that it won’t fail for lack of Publicity. If you were paying attention to the here and now, you noticed that every word in this article is a link. Other than technical terms every link is to a different news story about Chrome OS. Few can generate press as well as Google. Since this news broke it has felt like the Internet was Google’s personal broken record player. HINT: It stops being news when everyone knows about it.
Google has proclaimed that it won’t be available for a long time. It is vaporware just like Duke Nuke’m 4ever. It is only real and only actually matters once it is on our computers. Yes, I welcome this, but I wish everyone would take a hearty dose of perspective.


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