I Guessed Right, but Why?

I was right about my simple call center prediction. I cannot provide exact details, but I can say more than 80% of my calls had to do with the Canadian finances. That was an easy one to guess though, I had a holiday and slow predictable work week helping me.

How should I predict tomorrow? I could examine past weeks and expect an easier time because of the holidays. I could look at what I did last year around this time. I could easily do these things and say: that it will be an easy going work week, just like any other, but a bit less work. Such a simplistic prediction would hardly seem in the spirit of this exercise.

I want to be better at predicting the unpredictable. I know it is impossible, but I still plan on learning something. So let’s pick something a little less statistic based. I have been working on two projects with two of my co-workers, These are for the betterment of the company, but because they involve putting forth effort, i do not think that anyone will contact me about them all day if I dot not bring them up.

I either love or hate being cynical, but I will keep doing it because it is easy and frequently accurate.


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